Crete Airports

The Aldemar Knossos Royal hotel is located in Hersonissos, Crete. The nearest airport is the Heraklion International Airport, around 26km away. Heraklion Airport is also the central connecting hub of the island.

Crete has another major airport, Chania International Airport, but that is on the other side of the island and well more than 2 hours away.

Getting to the hotel

We recommend using the Heraklion International Airport which is the closest to the venue and accommodation hotel.

After arriving, you will need to get to the Hersonissos area; you can take a bus (will take around 45 mins and cost around EUR4), a taxi (will take around 20 minutes and costs around EUR30) or hire a rental car from the airport (around 20 minutes drive).

After you get to Hersonissos, you can get to the hotel by taxi (Knossos Royal 8 mins) or on foot (Knossos Royal 50 mins).

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