AIETH Workshop

The 2nd Workshop on “Artificial Intelligence and Ethics” (AI & ETHICS)

AIAI & Ethics keynote speech by Professor John Macintyre Dean of the Faculty of Applied Sciences and Pro Vice Chancellor at University of Sunderland

Is Big Tech becoming the Big Tobacco of AI?

Abstract: The future of AI is being shaped by many forces – politics, economics, and technology all play their part. Whilst science and academia continue to push forward the boundaries of knowledge, private sector investment in AI is growing exponentially, with commercial revenues from AI expected to exceed $500 billion in the near future. At the forefront of this commercial boom in AI is so-called “Big Tech” – the biggest technology companies driving the commercialisation of AI products and systems for profit. These companies have vast R&D budgets, and employ an increasingly large fraction of the AI R&D workforce globally. The question is: are they living up to their responsibilities to develop AI for the good of society, or are they just pursuing profit? Will Big Tech follow the very negative pattern of huge companies prepared to inflict harms on society to boost their profits and shareholder dividends? Professor John MacIntyre’s talk will look at the emerging issues in AI and examine what impact the behavior of Big Tech is having on the whole field of AI.

Discussion panel with:

Larry Medsker, Research Professor, George Washington University
Christian Guttmann, Prof. Dr. and Exec Director, Nordic Artificial Intelligence Institute and Karolinska Institute
Olivia Gambelin, CEO & Founder, Ethical Intelligence
Christoph Ebell, Founder/CEO, Arcades Digital, an NFT and Metaverse Studio
Cortnie Abercrombie, CEO AI Truth

Extra workshop material & Food for Thought

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AI & Ethics Discussion Panel is co-organized with LeADS Project

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