Paper Submission

Paper Submission

Paper Regulations

All authors, who wish to present their innovative and high quality research work to AIAI Conference, should submit their original paper through our Submision System.

The length of the standard paper submission has been now set to 14 PAGES (with references included).

Authors, who will exceed the 14 pages limit, will still be able to publish their manuscript, with an additional charge of 100 euros for each extra page.

The minimum length of submitted papers must be no less than 8 pages. Manuscripts with less than 8 pages long will not be taken into consideration for the Conference and they will immediately be rejected.

All papers submitted at AIAI 2024 will be scientifically evaluated by a panel of experts. Manuscripts will be reviewed to the international standards by at least 2 independent academic reviewers.

Types of Accepted Papers

The accepted papers are divided into 2 different categories:
  • Full Papers
    Full paper will be considered every manuscript that extends from 12 pages and on, with references included (pages 12).
  • Short Papers
    As short papers will be published all manuscripts that have length less than 12 pages, with references included (8 pages < 12).

All accepted papers (Both Full and Short Papers) will be published in the Springer Proceedings.

The AIAI 2024 proceedings will be published in the Springer IFIP AICT series.


The Hybrid Conference will provide the authors of all accepted papers with the opportunity to present their paper either Physically (on-site), at the venue of the Conference, ot Remotely (on-line). Oral presentations, in both physically and remotely participations, are featured as follows:

  • Shorts papers: 10′ presentation + 2′ questions (12 minutes in total) 
  • Full papers: 12′ presentation + 3′ questions (15 minutes in total)

How to submit a contribution

Important: While visiting, please use Firefox or Chrome. Internet Explorer or other browsers may have compatibility issues which can prevent you from submitting.

  • Create an “EasyAcademia” account through
  • Activate your account by clicking on the activation link sent to your email.
    Note: Please check your Spam folder if you have not received the email within a few minutes.
  • Log into, using the login details you provided at the beginning.
  • Click on Start a new submission on the top right to enter the submission process.
  • Select an appropriate track e.g. (Main Event / Workshop – when available)
  • Go through the guidelines
  • Enter the appropriate information in the Title step.
  • Under Authors please input details for each author of the paper. At least one author must be marked for each type of role available (presenter, corresponding).
    Note: Only authors marked as correspondents will receive updates and information regarding the submission.
  • In the Upload step, please click on Upload Paper and find the relevant completed document for your submission on your computer (PDF).
  • In the Attachment step, click on the Upload Attachment button on the right and find the Source file for your submission on your computer. Word files or a ZIP containing LaTeX files are accepted.
  • Under Summary you may check the details of the submission. If you wish to go back to a section in order to change details, just click on the appropriate step on the left.
  • If you are happy with the summary information, please click on Submit Now to finalize the process. A notification e-mail will be sent to the correspondents.

If at any point you are having trouble submitting, or require more information, please contact us at and we will respond back as soon as possible.

Paper Format

All authors’ manuscripts must be consistent with the Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS) series format, in order for the papers to be considered for publication.

Authors must ensure that their papers adhere to the Springer Proceedings guidelines.

The guidelines (and LaTeX / Word templates) can be found here:

The program committee reserves the right to change the format of a contribution if necessary.

Instructions for Paper Format

Detailed instructions for paper format can be found here.

Templates can be found here (Word, Latex).

Proper IFIP AICT copyright form for MAIN EVENT (for final submissions) will be announced

Proper IFIP AICT copyright form for WORKSHOPS (for final submissions) will be announced

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