Corfu Airport

Corfu International Airport (CFU) Ioannis Kapodistrias is located in the south of Corfu Town, half a mile north of Pontikonisi.

The “Ioannis Kapodistrias” Corfu Airport serves both domestic and international flights and it is located 2,7 km away from the center of Corfu.

The route to the airport from the city center (and vice versa) lasts 10 minutes.

The majority of international flights from/to Corfu is available during the summer season.

There are several direct flights from almost all European countries like (indicative):

Austria | Belgium | Bulgaria | Croatia | Cyprus | Czech Republic | Denmark | Estonia | Finland | France | Germany | Hungary | Ireland | Israel | Italy | Latvia | Lithuania | Luxembourg | Netherlands | Norway | Poland | Romania | Serbia | Slovakia | Spain | Sweden | Switzerland | United Arab Emirates | United Kingdom

More info can be found at

Lufthansa Group Airlines

The Lufthansa group has agreed to sponsor our conference and will be offering discounts for flights to Corfu Airport.

Special Lufthansa Group airlines fares
The Lufthansa Group airlines bring people together – every day, all around the world. The global route network of Austrian Airlines, Lufthansa, SWISS, Brussels Airlines and Eurowings offers optimal connection and combination options, so you will benefit from quick and direct flights to the event.

You will reach the booking platform via this link and with the event code CYAPIAG.  The reduced fares are automatically displayed.

NB: Please enable pop-ups permanently in your browser while booking, otherwise the window in the booking platform will not open.

Corfu Port

If you are traveling within Greece or nearby countries, you may consider ferry options to the port of Corfu.

The Main Port is located in Corfu Town, on the eastern side of the island.

The route to the airport from the city center (and vice versa) lasts 6 minutes.

Getting to Corfu City Center

Corfu Buses

The fastest Bus Line that connects “Ioannis Kapodistrias” Corfu Airport, Corfu Town Port and the City Center is Bus Line No15. (You can buy your ticket from the bus driver.)

More info about the bus’s schedules of line No15 can be found here.

From the Corfu Port there are 3 additional bus lines that connect the port with the city and the airport of the island with frequent routes, Lines No2b, No16 and No17.

Furthermore, all buses routes and schedules on the island of Corfu can be found here.

Price of ordinary ticket: 1.10 €

Price of surcharged ticket (aboard): 1.70 €

Corfu Taxis

Taxis are available 24 hours a day (24/7).

The time it takes to get from the Airport to the City Center of Corfu is 10 minutes and the cost of the taxi is around 10 €.

The time it takes to get from the Port to the City Center of Corfu is 6 minutes and the cost of the taxi is around 6 €.

More info about the taxis routes and prices can be found here.

León Airport

The School of Industrial, Computer Science and Aerospace Engineering is located in the University of León, Spain. The nearest is the León Airport, around 6km away from the town of León. However, it operates only domestic flights.

Getting to León

The easiest way for international participants to travel to León, is through the Adolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas Airport in the town of Madrid.

After arriving, you will need to get to the León; We recommend you to take the train (will take around 3h 30 and costs from 20€ to 70€)

You may also take a bus (will take around 4h and 30 minutes and costs from 25€ to 40€).

Of course, if you are planning to spend some more days at the Iberian peninsula, you can rent a car at the airport and then you will be at León in less than 3.5 hours.

Alternatively, you can choose to visit León through the Asturias Airport located in Castrillón. After arriving, from the available options to get to León, we recommend taking a bus (will take around 3h 4m and the cost is 17€ to 24€).

As stated before, in case you are planning to rent a car, you will reach León in somewhat less that 2 hours.

Getting to Vegazana University Campus (University of León)

The University of León has buildings at different locations.

In order to go from the town of León directly to Vegazana University Campus, there are three bus lines: 3, 4 and 12 (refer to the image below). The price per bus ticket is 1.20€.

If your accommodation is located further from the City Center of León, you may choose to take a taxi.

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